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The Deferred MBA

What is the Deferred MBA?

Typically, MBA programs need applicants to have around 2 to 5 years of work experience at the time of application (Why? -The main reason for this is that MBA programs focus a lot on class participation and peer-to-peer learning). However, the deferred MBA allows candidates in the final year of their undergraduate degree to apply to the MBA program. If selected, the candidates can gain relevant work experience for 2 to 5 years (depending on the deferral period) and then join the program.

What are the advantages of the deferred MBA?

  1. Convenience – Often for candidates working full-time, it becomes a tad difficult to prepare for the tests and focus on the application process. These programs provide the advantage of allowing the candidates to complete these while they are still in their undergraduate programs.
  2. Focus on professional goals – Having the coveted MBA seat confirmed gives the candidate peace of mind allowing them to purely focus on their professional journey.
  3. Financial planning – It becomes easier to manage financial debt that can otherwise easily build up. It provides the opportunity to save for your MBA program in a planned manner.

What are some of the well-known Deferred MBA programs?

  1. Wharton – Moelis Advance Access Program
  2. Harvard Business School – 2+2 Program
  3. Stanford Graduate School of Business – Deferred Enrollment
  4. Kellogg – Future Leaders Deferred MBA
  5. Chicago Booth – Scholars Deferred MBA
  6. MIT Sloan – Early Admission MBA
  7. Yale – Silver Scholars Program
  8. Darden – Future Year Scholars Program
  9. Berkeley Haas – Accelerated Access MBA
  10. Columbia Business School – Deferred Enrollment
  11. IESE – Young Talent Path
  12. ISB – Young Learners Program

The application process to these programs is almost the same as that for the normal programs – one needs to have a GMAT score, write the essays, get the letters of recommendation, and along with that, mention the pre-MBA career goals in the application.

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