SAT diagnostic

This Free Digital-SAT Diagnostic Test has 16 questions. It offers a simple way to understand the type of questions to expect in the Digital SAT. The Math questions cover topics like heart of algebra, passport to advanced math, statistics and problem solving. The English section consists of questions as expected in the actual test. Some of the questions have been developed in-house and some borrowed from different sources (which are widely available).

After the completion of the test, a score will be given as a percentage. Expected Percentage to SAT score conversion (this is NOT an exact conversion):

  • Less than 20%: Below 300 => You need to work a lot on your prep
  • 20% to less than 40%: 300 to 400 => You have basic idea of what the SAT is. Keep at it
  • 40% to less than 60%: 400 to 600 percentile => Decent! But still lacking in multiple concepts. 
  • 60% to less than 80%: 600 to 700 => You are pretty much there. Need a bit of final push
  • 80% or above: 700 to 800 => You are almost there and maybe ready for the actual test with some brushing up 


The quiz contains 16 questions - 8 on Math and 8 English.

You have 20 minutes to mark your responses.

All the best!

SAT Diagnostic

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If f(x) = 7, what is the value of f(x) + f(x - 1)?

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If AB = BC = CD = DE = FE = GF = GH = 1, and 𝐴𝑀=𝑥√10, what is the value of x?


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f(x) = 2x2 - 4x + m - 3

If f(x) crosses x-axis at least once between 1st and 4th quadrants, which of the following is right about m?

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If 2(a - b) = 5(a - b), then how many of the followings could be true?

  1. a = 0
  2. b = 0
  3. a = b
  4. a = -b
  5. a + b > 0

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A data set of 27 different numbers has a mean of 33 and a median of 33. A new data set is created by adding 7 to each number in the original data set that is greater than the median and subtracting 7 from each number in the original data set that is less than the median. Which of the following measures docs NOT have the same value in both the original and new data sets?

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An audiologist is testing a patient to determine the softest sound of a specific frequency that the patient reports hearing. She begins with a 10 decibel (dB) sound for trial 1, then increases the volume by 2dB for each trial after that. If the patient can hear all sounds of that frequency that have a volume louder than or equal to 26dB, and t represents the trial numbers that the patient can hear, which of the following inequalities best models the situation described above?

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P(n) = n2 + 20n + 1000

If P(n) shows profit earned by selling n phones in a private company, what is the minimum possible profit?

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A meteorologist estimates that on a sunny day, the air temperature decreases by about 4° F for every 1,000 feet (ft) of elevation gain. On a certain day, the air temperature outside an airplane flying above Seattle is -58° F, and the ground level temperature in Seattle is 70° F. If x is the height, in feet, at which the plane is flying, which of the following best models the situation?

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In infrastructure engineering, the use of prefabricated components has become increasingly popular. These components, which are produced off-site and then transported to the construction location, can provide significant benefits, such as reduced construction time, increased sustainability, and potentially lower costs. However, the implementation of prefabricated components can be _______ in certain situations, such as those involving complex or highly specialized structures.

Which choice completes the text with the most logical and precise word or phrase?

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The price of gold has always been a popular topic among investors. In times of economic uncertainty, investors often turn to gold as a safe haven because of its perceived stability. However, the price of gold can also be influenced by factors such as inflation, interest rates, and the ___________ of other commodities.

Which choice completes the text so that it conforms to the conventions of Standard English?

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Aristotle, a Greek philosopher and polymath, was a student of Plato and later became the teacher of Alexander the Great. His writings cover a wide range of subjects, including physics, biology, zoology, metaphysics, logic, ethics, aesthetics, poetry, theater, music, and rhetoric. Aristotle’s work in the field of logic laid the foundation for _______ that still exists today.

Which choice completes the text so that it conforms to the conventions of Standard English?

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While researching a topic, a student has taken the following notes:

  • Behavioral economics combines psychology and economics to study decision-making.
  • Prospect Theory, developed by Kahneman and Tversky, is a key concept in behavioral economics.
  • Loss aversion, a principle in Prospect Theory, states that people feel losses more intensely than gains.
  • Nudge Theory, proposed by Thaler and Sunstein, suggests using indirect suggestions to influence decision-making.

Which choice most effectively uses relevant information from the notes to describe the relationship between Prospect Theory and behavioral economics?

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J.K. Rowling, the world-renowned author of the Harry Potter series, faced numerous challenges before achieving success. She was a single mother on welfare and her manuscript was rejected by many publishers before it _________ a chance with Bloomsbury Publishing.

Which choice completes the text so that it conforms to the conventions of Standard English?

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Table tennis, a fast-paced sport with origins in England, requires players to have quick reflexes and strong hand-eye coordination. The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was established in 1926, and since then, the sport ________ to gain worldwide popularity and recognition.

Which choice completes the text so that it conforms to the conventions of Standard English?

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Text 1: Literary critic Hannah Miller examines Robert Browning’s dramatic monologue My Last Duchess.’ Miller argues that the poem’s protagonist, the Duke, is an unreliable narrator who seeks to manipulate the reader’s perception of his dead wife. She contends that the Duke’s description of his wife’s flirtatious behavior is likely exaggerated to justify his cruel actions.

Text 2: In contrast, historian Alexander Thompson explores the historical context of ’My Last Duchess,’ focusing on the real-life figures that may have inspired Browning’s poem. Thompson suggests that Browning’s portrayal of the Duke and his wife could be more accurate than previously thought, as it aligns with historical accounts of the figures in question.

Based on the texts, how would Alexander Thompson (Text 2) most likely respond to Hannah Miller’s argument about the Duke’s unreliability (Text 1)?

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The Congress of Vienna, held from 1814 to 1815, aimed to restore Europe’s balance of power after the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. It was noteworthy for its diplomatic approach, which prioritized negotiation and consensus-building over military force. The Congress reestablished the pre-Napoleonic order by restoring monarchies and redrawing national borders. This reconfiguration of power sought to maintain long-term stability and prevent future conflicts in Europe.

Which choice best states the main purpose of the text?

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