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Some recent SAT & PSAT scores

Kavi Dantuluri, USA

PSAT 1420 - 760M 660E
Sir was excellent in teaching PSAT Math for my daughter. She scored 100% of the total marks - Thank you Sir for your help and guidance."

Lakshita Sharma, USA

SAT 1480 - 760M
"I took classes for SAT math for over 6 months and every class in that period was super helpful. I was able to improve my score and learn new techniques that worked best with my personal learning style. Even though I was taking classes internationally, the time was suited to what works best for me, and I was able to ask questions at any point and receive a quick reply. I would highly recommend for SAT prep."

Madhavi K, USA

SAT 770M
"This institute is very helpful, and thrives for students to reach their highest potential. Especially, Sujoy Datta, he was immensely helpful in preparing my daughter for her SAT. His technique of teaching was very good; he pinpointed my daughter’s weaknesses and helped her improve on them. He helped her attain the highest SAT math score. I definitely recommend them."

Jai Choraria

SAT 740M
"A real good place for preparing for the SAT. Mr. Sujoy, our math teacher was one of the reasons we loved coming for the classes. Overall great experience!"

Deedhiti Datta Ray

SAT 1480 - 770E 710M
"I found this classes quite accidentally over the internet and it has been the best decision i undertook. My experience here has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, and has helped me overcome my shortcomings. Thankyou so much for having me as your student, i would always be eternally grateful."

Pragya Bhayana, USA

ACT 34 Math
"Tutoring classes for ACT math were very helpful and the techniques taught were useful. I improved my score a lot. I would recommend!"

Aditya Pugalia

SAT 1480 - 780M 700E
"I and my friends were fortunate to connect with Sujoy sir and really happy with the progress. Sir and his team is dedicated in making learning part of students with focussed practical approach. Very discipline and punctual which enhanced learning experience."

Ayanna Murray, USA

SAT 710M
"In only 2 lessons, Mr. Sujoy helped my daughter raise her SAT score by 50 points. She is a junior in high school and struggled in the past with the math section of the exam. We are looking forward to scheduling more lessons in the upcoming months. With Sujoy's help, we're sure she'll be able to raise her score by 100-150 points for the next SAT exam."

Julian, USA

SAT 770 Math
"Sujoy helped me get a 770 on the math section in my official SAT, but I also managed to get a 790 on a Practice test. Very patient and explains Problems well. Can only recommend."

Ajay Pal Singh

PSAT 1380 - 760M 620E
"Sujoy and his team worked with my daughter Gauri for 3 months to prepare for the SAT. She was able to learn more concepts and apply that learning. He is a good teacher to teach you new (and multiple) ways to solve problems. Also, he provides a lot of extra study materials and practice problems. 5 star if you want someone who responds quickly and teaches new tips."

Vedant Seksaria

SAT 1500 - 760M 740E
"Mr. Kumar is one of the most experienced teachers i have met. He knows the tricks to master the SAT. Studying. Inder Mr. Kumar helped me successfully excel my SAT. More than the SAT. He creates a student friendly environment providing a helping hand to students when and where they need."

Chandana Veluri

"My son is in 9th grade. He took the English PSAT prep Course. Sudeshna maam’s teaching style was very likable to my child. She provided timely feedback. I appreciate the flexibility she showed in rescheduling some classes as needed for us. The material and resources provided were of good value too. To me, this is much more greater value than say signing up for a group class in one of the online well known curriculum’s like Princeton or Kaplan"


SAT 760M
"Mr. Sujoy is the best tutors I have ever seen! He helped me with my first ever SAT and he ended up scoring 790 on the Math section. This score was only possible because of the extremely thorough and precise explanations based on the SAT guidelines. I highly recommend his assistance to those who want to achieve an incredibly high score on the SAT"


SAT 1440 - 740M 700E
"Sujoy and Sudeshna are awesome SAT teachers and non judgmental in his teaching methods. Their mentoring helped me a lot in the SAT"

Ravin Kapoor

SAT 1430 - 710E 720M
"Thank you for making my son Aradhya ready for the SAT exam. I would like to highly recommend Sujoy and his team for our fantastic coaching experience"

Shreyas Manikonda

SAT 1500 - 790M 710E
University of Illinois Chicago
"The classes were to the point and very easy to follow. Also, lots of practice helped in fixing the proper exam strategy, thus improving the score. Sujoy sir and Sudeshna ma’am were always available to clear all doubts."

Anupam Mitra

SAT 1480 - 790M
"The classes by Sujoy sir for my daughter Anchita were very informative and helpful. The concepts were discussed in depth and there were lots of mock tests which helped in fine-tuning the preparation."

Pulkit Khanna

SAT 1450 - 700E 750M
"The classes taken by Sujoy sir and Sudeshna ma’am were very detailed and the concepts were explained very easily. There were lots of practice questions and mock tests too."