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How important is the GMAT?

Well, many schools nowadays are test-optional. If that were the case, why do you even need to prepare for and write the test? Couldn’t the time and effort and cost spent in preparing for the test be spent more effectively elsewhere?

Let us look at some of the advantages that a (high) GMAT score brings along.

  1. GMAT is one of the toughest exams worldwide. Getting prepared for it needs a lot of self-discipline. Getting a top score in such a test shows that you are focussed and serious about your application
  2. A high GMAT score => Better chances into getting admission to a higher ranked school. Your GMAT score has approximately 22% weightage in your application (with your Quant score having additional weightage). No doubt the GMAT score is a vital part of your application

  1. A good GMAT score helps you to stand out from an over-represented candidate pool (for example, IT guys from India)

  1. The GMAT tests your reasoning and quantitative skills. Both of these are very important during your MBA (think of case study analysis, for example). A high GMAT score shows that you are ready for the rigours of the MBA program
  2. A high GMAT score can also help you get a good scholarship in the school you are applying to

  1. Last but now the least, given that GMAT is one of the toughest tests worldwide, a good GMAT score is something to flaunt on your CV. A great GMAT score may come in handy even post your MBA during your recruitment process


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