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GMAT Focus Practice test 1 walkthrough

Sharing the walkthrough for the GMAT Focus Official practice test #1.

I have explained each question is detail while I answered them (its a bit of a challenge to keep your focus and explain your approach while attempting a test real-time, so made a few careless mistakes).

This walkthrough is to give you a feel of how to pace your test and how to strategize your approach. You must attempt the test before you watch the walkthrough (though in all probability, the questions will be different).

There are 3 links, one for each section (included the Verbal, though I don’t mentor the section). My order of attempting was Quant – Verbal – Data insights. In the first video, I have explained how to decide the order – start with your strength (simple!).

Note: I have mentioned the correct answers of the questions that I got wrong in the description of the YouTube videos.

I have shared the score report of both practice_test_1 and practice_test_2 – to show the effect of mistakes on your overall and sectional score
> the drop is very sharp for Quant for every mistake
> for 1 mistake or for 2 mistakes, the score in Data Insights remained the same
> according to GMAC, 715 in the GMAT Focus is equivalent to 760 in the classic version

My personal take – Quant had quite a few interesting (read – challenging) questions compared to what used to be! So prepare your concepts well! You can expect questions on domain / range of functions, innovative probability questions, permutation and combination along with the usual inequalities, number properties, mixtures, percentages, etc. in the GMAT focus (based on what I observed in the two practice tests).

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