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MBA – In Multiple Flavours

The famed Indian MBA is usually a 2-year program. There are many variants of the MBA, the most common ones being the General MBA and some specialised programs like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations, among others.

However, apart from the above, there are many other variants of the MBA. Some of these programs have been discussed in this article.


The STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) MBA program is a mix of business management, technology and leadership skills.

With increasing data-driven roles, there is a huge demand for persons who know both tech and business. Some of the popular job roles are that of Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Product Manager, Brand Analyst, Customer Behaviour Analyst, Digital Marketing Manager, Chief Technology Officer among others.

Apart from some of the well-known programs in the US and Europe, there are many programs offered in India too. Some of the programs under STEM MBA are:

ProgramSchoolDurationAdmission criteriaFees
Business AnalyticsISB – AMPBA15 monthsGMAT, GRE, CAT, NMAT, Own test11 lacs
IIT Kharagpur, IIM Calcutta & ISI Kolkata – PGDBA2 yearsOwn test25 lacs
IIM Bangalore – MBA BA2 yearsCAT, GMAT25 lacs
SCMHRD – MBA BA2 yearsSNAP17 lacs
IIM Ahmedabad – ePGDABA16 monthsCAT, GMAT, GRE, GATE, Own test12 lacs
IISC Bangalore – M.MGT2 yearsCAT, GMAT, GATE5 lacs
XLRI Jamshedpur – PGCBA1 year3.4 lacs
Technology ManagementIIT Delhi – MBA3 yearsCAT16 lacs
Data Analytics / ScienceIIM Kashipur – MBA2 yearsOwn test12 lacs
SCIT Pune – MBA DS & DA2 yearsSNAP13 lacs
Praxis Business School – PGP Data Science1 yearOwn test6 lacs
Quantitative EconomicsISI – MS QE2 yearsNA
Finance TechnologyIIMC – FinTech and Financial Blockchain (AMPFFB)6 months4.5 lacs

2. MBA in Family Business Management

Family Business is one of the oldest forms of business in India. This course is designed to equip family business owners and leaders with knowledge and skills to address the challenges specific to their own family businesses. 

SchoolDurationAdmission criteriaFees
ISB – PGP MFAB (Post Graduate Programme in Management for Family Business)15 monthsOwn test42 lacs
Great Lakes – PGP Family business & Entrepreneurship11 monthsCAT, GMAT, XAT, NMAT22.5 lacs
IIM Bangalore – Management Programme for Entrepreneurs and Family Businesses (MPEFB)6 months10 lacs
Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India Ahmedabad - Family Business Program for Next Generation6 months0.5 lacs
Nirma University – MBA Family Business & Entrepreneurship2 yearsOwn test10 lacs
SPJAIN – Global Family Managed Business program12 months17 lacs

3. MBA in International Business

This course is designed to equip family business owners and leaders with knowledge and skills to address the challenges specific to their own family businesses. This course helps equip the students to work in a competitive global environment and confidently face the challenges of the new millennium. In this course, students learn about foreign policies, forex risk management, foreign investment, export management, etc.

SchoolDurationAdmission criteriaFees
IIFT – Indian Institute of Foreign Trade2 yearsCAT21 lacs
MDI Gurgaon – IB2 yearsCAT27 lacs
FORE - IB2 yearsCAT, XAT, GMAT18 lacs
SPJAIN – Global MBA12 monthsGMAT, GRE, CAT34 lacs

4. Agriculture Business Management

The course trains students on various business aspects of agriculture, such as food policy, food processing, marketing and rural infrastructure management, agriculture finance, food marketing, profitability improvement, etc.

SchoolDurationAdmission criteriaFees
IIM Ahmedabad – ABM2 yearsCAT25 lacs
IIM Lucknow – ABM2 yearsCAT21 lacs

5. Sustainability Management

This course stresses upon the idea that businesses are a part of society and cannot be separated from it. This course aims to develop management professionals with a holistic view on economic, social and environmental issues.

SchoolDurationAdmission criteriaFees
IIM Mumbai (NITIE) – SM2 yearsCAT21 lacs
IIM Lucknow – SM2 yearsCAT21 lacs
XIM University – SM2 yearsXAT, CAT, GMAT, NMAT, Own test14 lacs

6. MBA in Healthcare Management

The course empowers Promoters, Owners – Doctors, from healthcare delivery organisations and healthcare professionals to build their expertise in domains like healthcare management, global healthcare management, clinical information systems, etc.

SchoolDurationAdmission criteriaFees
ISB – Advanced Management Programme for Healthcare12 months13 lacs
ISB - Certificate Programme in Healthcare Management (online)3 months1.2 lacs

7. MBA in Infrastructure Management

The course is designed to suit the demand of Infrastructure sector, augmenting skill sets in conceptualization, planning, design, investment, client care, stakeholder relations, procurement and marketing

SchoolDurationAdmission criteriaFees
ISB – Advanced Management Programme for Healthcare12 months11 lacs
SCMHRD2 yearsSNAP14 lacs

8. MBA in Oil & Gas

The course offers an understanding of the oil and gas industry. The course is tailored to cater to the specific needs of the sector. The program offers domain-specific subjects like Natural Gas Business, Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Business, Fundamentals of Refining, Petrochemical Business, and more. Institutes – Great Lakes, UPES University

9. MBA in logistics and supply chain

The course educates the students about strategies and planning related to supply chain and goods transportation. There are various roles such as logistic managers, purchase managers, operation directors, transportation managers, etc. Institutes – UPES Dehradun, School of management (D.Y. Patil University) Navi Mumbai, Amity Business School Noida.

10. Aviation Management

Roles include Airport operations manager, cargo operations manager, etc. Institutes – UPES Dehradun, Institute of Logistics & Aviation Management Bangalore, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science Chennai

11. MBA in Tourism and Hospitality

Institutes – Amity School of hospitality Noida, Chandigarh university, Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management Thane.


The above is obviously not an exhaustive list. There are many other schools that offer these programs. The above is a list of the most popular / top-ranked programs in the above domains. Given the changing landscape, there are many niche programs coming up. Special mention should be given to the program MBA – Metaverse and Web 3.0 at UPES Dehradun.

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