The 40-hour program that will teach you all the skills needed to ace the GRE

What is the GRE?

GRE is an important step towards your application for graduate school and also for business school.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a computer based (section-wise adaptive test), administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), available round the year, intended to assess analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills for use in admission to graduate programs. The test provides business schools with means to compare the preparedness of applicants for a wide variety of programs like economics, engineering, liberal arts, MS programs, MBA and also for PhD programs. 

Institutes normally focus on the most relevant part of the GRE score – either Verbal or Quant. Usually, math-heavy fields, such as physics, value Quant scores the most, whereas reading-heavy fields, such as English literature, value Verbal scores the most.

The GRE sections

The GRE measures your command of basic math – including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, combinatorics, and data analysis as well as vocabulary along with comprehension skills. It measures your ability to analyze, evaluate, think critically, and solve problems. The GRE has 5 sections: 

  • Quantitative Reasoning (QR) – it tests you on your ability to solve questions based on mathematics including arithmetic, number properties, algebra, geometry and combinatorics. There are 3 types of questions:
    • Multiple Choice – A question followed by options of which only one is correct
    • Multiple Answer Correct – A question followed by options of which more than one is correct; you need to get all the correct answers to get credit for the question
    • Numeric Entry – A question without any answer options – you need to enter the correct answer in a box 
    • Quantity Comparison – A question that asks you to compare two quantities, Quantity A and Quantity B, and to identify the relationship between the two
  • Verbal Ability (VA) – it tests your ability to comprehend passages and answer questions, your skill in analyzing arguments, along with your vocabulary skills. There are 3 types of questions:
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Text Completion – A question that asks you to fill in the blank to complete sentences
    • Sentence Equivalence – A question that asks you to fill in a single blank with two choices that create two coherent sentences that are logically similar
  • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) – it tests whether you can identify and analyze parts of an argument, develop rational ideas and organize them logically

Sample Videos

The GRE test details:

Who is this course for?

With a pool of 100 most important questions for QA & VA each, spread over 40 hours, this GRE course is different from other GRE prep courses. No need to fret with thousands of questions! Focus on the concepts discussed in the sessions and understand these handpicked questions thoroughly to fine tune one’s preparation. 

The course covers all aspects of the GRE (Essay writing as well) and includes an exhaustive practice question bank over and above the 100 questions above. You would also get mock tests as a part of the course.

We take doubt-clearing very seriously and there would be ample scope to clear your doubts and work on your exam strategy. 

You can join the classes online – either in a batch or one-on-one.

GRE Course Plan

The GRE road-map is fully customized as per the requirement of the student. Depending on our analysis of your preparation levels, we will suggest the correct time for taking the actual GRE. 

GRE Session plan

The tentative session plan for the GRE course is given below (some sessions are of more than one hour): 

GRE Course Features:

  • 1000+ Questions from QA and VA to ace your prep
  • Course duration – 40 hours, spread over 2 to 3 months
  • Small batches for personalized attention
  • Personalized one-on-one option available
  • Essay writing sessions included
  • Regular Doubt Clearing
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Capsule program – Study only VA or only QA
  • Exhaustive study material (PDFs)
  • Mock tests & analysis

What Our Students are saying

Krithika Bhojanala GMAT | UNC Kenan-Flagler

After practicing a lot and giving a lot of mocks I was only able to score Q47 in my GMAT for my first attempt. But, once I enrolled for Sujoy Sir’s classes, I could see a definite improvement. Not only did he clear out my concepts, help me solve harder questions, he taught me how to approach each question in order to save time during the exam. After his classes, I was able to score 710, with Q50. Thank you Sir!

Chirag GMAT course | Q50

A lot of focus was on the conceptual understanding followed by practice questions which helped me achieve the score.

Shreyash Manikonda SAT course | Math 790, English 710

The classes were to the point and very easy to follow. Also, lots of practice helped in fixing the proper exam strategy, thus improving the score. Sujoy sir and Sudeshna ma’am were always available to clear all doubts.

Pulkit Khanna SAT course | Math 750, English 700

The classes taken by Sujoy sir and Sudeshna ma’am were very detailed and the concepts were explained very easily. There were lots of practice questions and mock tests too.

Anchita Mitra SAT Course | Math 790

The classes by Sujoy sir were very informative and helpful. The concepts were discussed in depth and there were lots of mock tests which helped in fine-tuning the preparation.

Anchit Jalan CAT course | IIM Kozhikode

Sujoy Sir’s unique way of teaching helped me out with my CAT preparation and I scored a 98.08 percentile which would not have been possible without him. He has the capability to bring out the best in every student

Tanjeet Singh Wadhwa SPJAT | SPJIMR

Excellent coach, highly flexible, in-depth knowledge of the subject, but firm and push you beyond boundaries so that you can excel in exams. I owe lot to him for preparing and pushing me so hard to crack entrance exams. Shall rate him10/10. Thank you


Sujoy Datta was my mentor for SPJAT entrance exam. He taught me for about 10 classes and helped me crack the entrance. He is extremely patient and an excellent coach. I owe it to him!